Excuse Me!

We have all been found guilty of committing heinous elevator-related crimes; perhaps without even realising that we have offended. For example, if you need to take an important call and cannot hold off for 15 minutes then you ignore the angry stares from disgruntled travellers and loudly converse with your other half about what time is best to get the plumber round to fix the emersion heater. CareerBuilder recently conducted a survey on lift etiquette; asking 3,800 workers nationwide what was the most annoying thing about the behaviour of other individuals when they made the short journey to their respective offices. A whopping 35% said that talking loudly on mobile phones was the biggest bugbear, whilst 33% maintained that it was when people closed the elevator door when they were running to board the lift. However, a cheeky 16% actually admitted to purposely shutting the door when they saw others rushing to squeeze in the lift for their own amusement. It may sound shocking, but we have all thought about it!

Laziness is also incredibly irritating, as what is the point of taking the elevator when you are only going up one or two floors and can use the stairs just as conveniently? Overcrowding is a huge issue; as is the case with all modes of public transportation; as it is not exactly pleasant when you have to wodge yourself into the throng uncomfortably for 15 minutes just to make sure that you arrive to work on time. Holding the doors open for an extended period also rubs us up the wrong way as does jumping the queue and cutting in line. When you are patiently waiting at the bus or tram stop and someone pushes in front of you to get on then it can really put you in a bad mood as it is just so rude.

Courtesy is at the heart of our business here at Sheridan Lifts; as our friendly, welcoming lift engineers would never dream of being anything other than respectful and honest towards you. With over 33 years in the lift repair, installation, refurbishment and maintenance industry; these lift engineers know all the tricks of the trade and will happily share their expertise with you if you want some helpful advice. Lift repairs are carried out in a thorough and methodical manner as our capable hands make quick work of messy muddles. If you want to find out more about our excellent services then do not hesitate to give us a call on 0161 203 6299.