Face Your Fears

Some people refuse to board aeroplanes as they are completely and utterly petrified of heights, and even a million quid would not persuade them to bite the bullet and strap themselves into their seats. The promise of a luxury foreign holiday is not enough to tempt those that are truly terrified of being up in the air thousands of feet above ground level without any sort of guarantee that they are completely safe. There are places which one can visit in Britain and even France which are accessible by car, coach, train or ferry and you can have just as wonderful a time without having to endure the horror of a long hall flight and the threat of delays and setbacks. If you are a seasoned flyer then once you arrive at the airport the first thing you do is carefully check the timetables to make sure that everything is running smoothly as the last thing you want to happen is be stuck by the boarding gates for hours on end, waiting for another announcement. It was a valiant effort on your part to get your reluctant hubby to attend those all-important hypnosis sessions in order for him to actually get on a plane without going into a panic and becoming extremely agitated and distressed as now you can cast your net even further than before and enjoy a well-deserved taste of Caribbean sunshine.

Persuading him to take the lift was difficult enough as there were warnings of future lift maintenance work scheduled for the following week and it was all a bit touch and go for a second. It will not do his already dodgy blood pressure any good whatsoever if your other half was to encounter a rocky ride in an elevator due to the fact that lift servicing has been re-arranged yet again. People would just have to like it or lump it as there is no alternative method of transportation up to Terminal 2. This most certainly would not be the case if you were to place your trust in Sheridan Lifts as our flexible lift repair packages are customised to take on board any specific requests that you may have, and we pride ourselves on our proactive, ‘can do’ approach. We have been furnishing commercial customers with top of the range lift servicing solutions for a number of years-over 33 to be precise-and know all the tricks of the trade. We innovate, analyse and develop different concepts entirely from scratch and a lot of our most inspired lift repair ideas come completely out of the blue. If you want to cut out the middle man and avoid expensive interactions with subcontractors then we are an excellent choice as our skilled and knowledgeable experts deal with you directly rather than communicating via another party. If you want to find out a little more about what lift maintenance, modernisation and refurbishment entails then just give Sheridan Lifts a heads-up on 0161 203 6299. We do all the legwork so you don’t have to.