What Factors Influence A Lift Company’s Installation Prices?

With buildings being erected or renewed on a regular basis, particularly in urban areas, it is only natural that the services of the average lift company should be in heavy demand, particularly with regards to installation.

Even despite how frequently this service is carried out, however, the average property manager still tends to have any numbers of queries relating to lift installation, and among these, one of the most frequent has to do with price. With budgetary concerns generally having a considerable impact on the planning and construction of a building, one of the first questions any building manager is likely to ask a lift company is how much the installation of a new lift is going to set them back.

Unfortunately, there tends to be no easy answer to this query. The price of a lift can vary considerably depending on a number of factors, including the number of floors it will be required to travel, the number of entrances it will have, the type of shaft it will move along, the type of finish applied to the lift car itself, and any additional options the property manager may require.

This plethora of influential factors tends to make it impossible for a lift company to exactly quote customers when first receiving an enquiry, and most companies of this type will therefore opt for not giving a new client any sort of figure until it is made aware of that customer’s exact requirements. If a figure is quoted, it should be taken as a mere ‘guesstimate’, or ballpark value, rather than an accurate representation of the eventual amount to be paid at the end of the job.

It is easy to see, then that there are a number of factors influencing the price of a new lift installation. Customers are therefore advised to have an idea of what type of lift they want prior to contacting any lift company.