Fear not, this is a Strike Free Zone!

If any of you follow the international news, you’ll be aware of the pandemic that is sprawling through Canada as we speak; the lift engineer’s strikes. Although it may not seem like a big deal, because we’re sat quite cushy across the pond, it is a rather disturbing piece of info for people like us here at Sheridan Lifts who are passionate about everything lifts and most of all, your safety!

One of the places that has fallen victim to the strike is the Kensington Gardens Home for the elderly in Ontario. Roy Leffell, whose 78 year old wheelchair-bound mother is a resident of Kensington Gardens, went to visit his mum on Mother’s Day and left feeling incredibly worrisome. According to Mr Leffell all four lifts on the wing his mum resides in are out of order and “have been acting wonky for days”.

You have a whole group of people here that are vulnerable; this is a health-care facility. I think the repair workers should have some respect for that and come here and fix them” said Mr Leffell. “It’s a safety hazard”.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you how important your custom is to us, and that you will never have to see the likes of any kind of strike here at Sheridan Lifts. Like the title states, this is a strike free zone!

Our team of lift engineers strive for excellence and will not leave a stone unturned when it comes to repairing or maintaining your lift. Our lift engineers are amongst the finest in the country equipped with state of the art tools and a well-versed knowledge of all things lifts, so if you’re ever in need of lift maintenance and repair, give us a call today on 0161 203 6299 and a member of our expert team will be on hand to assist you.