Follow the Leader

There is a rather interesting programme being broadcasted on Channel 4, which documents how people behave if they are put in an awkward situation. ‘Eye-Spy’ has proved to be a huge ratings hit, as everyone seems to act differently if they are placed in a position where they have to either do the decent thing or else be sneaky and devious. Human nature is a funny old business, as so many of us see ourselves as honourable and honest, but if we were faced with, say, the prospect of running off with a holdall containing 30 grand then they may revert to underhand tactics. No one would blame anybody if they were tempted to leg it with a bag stuffed chock-full of dosh, as times are hard and you never get the opportunity to have that much cash at your disposal, unless you won big on ‘Deal or No Deal’ or ‘Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?’(I do).  The show depicts how individuals function when they are faced with an important dilemma. Would they complain if there were ‘men only’ parking spaces? If an ATM was dispensing ten pound notes randomly would you pocket the money or call the helpline for assistance? When you encounter a bigoted waiter would you say something or just retreat into your wine glass?

Tricky isn’t it? You think that you would be brave and stand up for your rights, but thinking something is not the same as actually having the guts to be proactive. In certain situations it is prudent to keep things to yourself, but if you have something to get off your chest then you should just go ahead and vent your displeasure. What if you tried to open an elevator only to be told that essential lift maintenance work was going on in the hotel lobby and you had to wait for hours until it was fixed? Your patience would be tested to the max and those who get irritated easily will more than likely make their feelings known to the harassed receptionist. At Sheridan Lifts, we realise that it is extremely important that lift servicing is carried out in the speediest time possible, as people can get rather antsy if they have to stand around waiting for a long period of time.

We carry out regular lift maintenance checks on all elevators to ensure that they are ship shape and are functioning properly. It is really crucial that lift maintenance is frequent as you should never ignore possible signs that an elevator might be on its last legs. Creaking, juddering and shuddering are not good indicators and therefore the experts must be brought in to put things right. Lift services from Sheridan Lifts are comprehensive and meticulous and all of our specialists are fully qualified. If you want to find out more about lift installation then just give us a bell on 0161 203 6299 and we will do what we can to help.