The Future of Lift Maintenance

As we look to the future, the logistics surrounding elevator maintenance become more of a challenge. More and more companies are installing lift systems, and if one of them should fail, ever evolving obstacles are slowing the speed of repairs.

Inner city buildings pose a problem: If an elevator should break down, and current on-call engineers are otherwise engaged, big city traffic can delay call outs further.

So what can be done to overcome the problem of urban logistics?

One possible solution may be robots – TeleRetail delivery robots to be precise. These self-driving vehicles could be a regular part of city life in years to come, so it makes sense for companies to start looking now, at how these robots could change how they do business.

In the smart cities of the future, these TeleRetail robots could become a staple of the lift maintenance industry, by providing efficient, safe, and smooth logistical solutions. Instead of bulky vans, autonomous and compact delivery units will be able to deliver goods, even people, to destinations across the bustling city.

Delivery robots can deliver spare parts and other necessary materials to job sites by the quickest route possible. A cloud-based, driverless system would be able to complete a supply and logistics network with enormous potential.

For an industry where time is of the essence, anything that can reduce the time spare parts take to arrive where they are needed is a benefit. Navigating the urban sprawl will become even more difficult as time goes by, increasing the pressure on supply chains.

At just 85cm wide, the prototype delivery robot tested recently by Thyssenkrupp, can suitably navigate pavements to avoid road congestion whilst carrying payloads of up to 35kg. An online Logistics Automation Platform provides immediate data upon delivery.

Having TeleRetail robots working alongside engineers, logistics can be optimised to increase productivity, saving companies time and money and allowing engineers to focus on rapid response lift maintenance.