Get a quote from Sheridan Lifts and it could get you a new car!

By getting a quote from Sheridan Lifts, it could save you £25,000!  Are you constantly dealing with a faulty lift and being fed excuse after excuse as to why the lift isn’t working properly? If this is the case for you, then please be aware, as some of the big lift companies are sending out members of their sales team round with a hefty quote in their pocket.

This is exactly what happened when a lift broke down in a 10 floor apartment block in central Manchester. The lift service provider told the client that they couldn’t source the parts, even though the company who installed the lift was indeed a subsidiary of the largest lift company in the world. Residents were left with no option but to walk up to 10 flights of stairs to get to their apartment, which is not ideal and were told that a full lift modernisation was required. They were also told that it could take up to 4 weeks to obtain the equipment needed and up to 4 weeks for the lift installation, costing around £25,000.

This would knock a hole in anyone’s budget for obvious reasons and cause frustration. Sheridan Lifts were approached for a second opinion and asked to provide them with a competitive price, so we sent over our surveyor.

We surveyed the lift and took the details of the part required, so we could check with our suppliers to see if they had it and surprisingly they did. Not only could we order in a brand new part for the lift, it took just 2 days for it to arrive and fit. The lift was up and running in just 3 days with warranties put in place for peace of mind. We saved what was turning out to be a 2 month job, to just 3 days.

The independent lift consultant and needless to say now our NEW client were absolutely delighted that 1, they saved a substantial amount of money 2, they had the lift working in 3 days and last but not least, they contacted Sheridan Lifts for a quotation.

The concerning part of this story is that unfortunately, it’s become more of an occurrence and companies of all sizes are being affected by the negligence of other lift companies. The notion that if the multinationals can’t get the lift working then that’s that. Sadly, a small section of independent lift consultants take the same view.

So if you want a quotation for your lift, contact Sheridan lifts. We are independent and genuinely care about all of our clients and not just the shareholders.

Sheridan Lifts have the technical ability and experience that can provide you with an excellent lift service. Sheridan Lifts has the ability to source additional lift parts to all lifts, whether they are manufactured in the UK or in Europe. This demonstrates our commitments to customer care and not a platform for a salesman to show up at your door to increase their sales targets.

If you require lift services including, lift modernisation or new lifts, please call Sheridan Lifts and you could save yourself a small fortune or a big one in this case. In fact, the savings that you would make could get you in brand new car!