Going down?

As an established lift company, we thought we’d heard every story relating to lifts and we’ve definitely heard of people getting a little frisky in a lift from time to time, however, we’ve never seen a lift being blamed for a person’s lack of libido – until now.

A woman in Australia is suing her luxury apartment complex and lift company for loss of “sexual adventurism”, “libido” and for “sexual discomfort and impairment” after she was injured when a lift in her building suddenly dropped three floors. The woman also says she suffered vertebral disc trauma, whiplash and nightmares. She apparently entered the lift at the 11th floor when the lift dropped suddenly and stopped abruptly at the 8th floor. It then continued to jolt at each level until the ground, causing her spinal injuries which have affected her professional, family and personal life. She said ‘Everybody would know your back plays a big part in your sexual life.’

Lift maintenance has never seemed so important has it?! As a reputable lift company, we certainly wouldn’t want to be responsible for a poor woman’s sex life! Incidents like these which can cause lawsuits can be easily avoided if regular lift maintenance and if needed, repairs, are carried out. Often with regular lift maintenance services carried out by an appropriate lift company, massive lift repair jobs can be avoided. And apparently a healthy sex life can be enjoyed by all – preferably not in the lift.