Going Up, Staying Green

Are you paying mind to the environment recently? We certainly are! Falling strictly in line with the requirements set out by BREEAM, or the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, we here at Sheridan Lifts are a leading lift engineer company that’s always looking to ensure that we’re as kind to the environment as can be. That’s exactly why we’ve been providing lift systems that are as energy efficient as possible, and after striving to refine that quality for years and years our own models are now the most efficient lifts on the UK market today.

We don’t just apply a one-size-fits-all approach, either, as we find that a bespoke and uniquely tailored approach is a much better way to ensure your property or business gets the most energy efficient solution courtesy of our lift engineer company. In turn, BREEAM provides a set of highly advanced tools and procedures perfect for both evaluating and measuring the levels of sustainability for any given building, allowing us to take into account the particular characteristics of your given building type and provide an fully energy efficient lift accordingly.

When you couple the tremendous energy efficiency of the lifts found here at our lift engineer company with the fact that we’ll always strive to bring you a highly bespoke and uniquely tailored lift system that you can trust, it should be clear why so many people name us their number one choice for a lift engineer company sure to guarantee success. Why not come and add yourself to our long list of satisfied customers today?

There’s an unbelievable range of energy efficient lifts waiting for you here at Sheridan Lifts, so make sure you don’t wait to pick up the phone or send our lift engineer company an online enquiry via email. We’ll always be happy to share knowledge and an insight into the trade, and our team will certainly be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you might have regarding our lift engineer company and the environmentally friendly lifts we’re more than able to create. Get in contact!