Sometimes, if we’re lucky, the news will report something that gives us all a little giggle as opposed to the doomy gloomy savageness of our world. This is why when we saw the viral video of a Russian pizza delivery guy helping himself to toppings from a customer’s pizza in a lift, we couldn’t help but let out a raucous laugh.

The gluttonous delivery man was caught on the lift’s CCTV unzipping the bag containing the pie, flipping open the cover of the box and using his fingers to pick off the toppings of his choice. And after he’s done pillaging someone else’s pizza, the perpetrator – a blonde man in his 20s dressed in sneakers, skinny jeans and a dark T-shirt – is seen calmly closing the box and stuffing it back into the bag before walking out of the elevator to give some poor unsuspecting person a pawed through pie.

Now we’re not saying that the lifts are out of date in Russia or anything, but had the lift been treated to one of our lift modernisation makeovers, the pizza delivery guy wouldn’t have had enough time to even get the pizza out let alone eat bits off of it!

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