How Can Disabled Access Lifts Change Lives?

Without specially designed systems in place for those with disabilities, life can be tough. Some disabilities make it difficult for people to move around their own homes, so being able to leave their home and carry on their everyday lives can be almost impossible without assistance.

The home is the first place that can be easily retrofitted to make life easier for those suffering form mobility issues. Stair lifts and platform lift designs are so varied that they can be fitted into most homes, regardless of size and space available. With a lift installed, the resident can now access every part of their home quickly and easily. It is when they leave their home that access becomes more difficult.

Without the Disability Discrimination Laws, it would be almost impossible for those with disabilities to access places such as shopping centres, modes of public transport, cinemas, swimming pools etc who are now obliged to provide disabled access.

To help accommodate everybody, most companies now install lift systems so that people with disabilities can easily access their buildings. Those with physical disabilities or age-related issues are longer confined to their homes. Disabled access lifts improve people’s quality of life by removing the challenge of moving around with difficulty.

One of the most important parts of improving quality of life is helping people lead an independent lifestyle. Stair lifts can help those who use crutches climb difficult sets of stairs but cannot transport someone who requires the use of a wheelchair without personal assistance.

Platform lifts can allow wheelchair users to access separate floors independently in a safe and time-saving manner, without the assistance of family members at home, or caretakers when they visit a public building.

Different users have different needs, as well as different homes, so there are now several options to choose from when selecting a platform lift so that anyone can benefit and lead an independent life. With regular lift maintenance these systems can remain in place for long durations to benefit everybody.