How Embarrassing!

Everyone has stories to tell which make them cringe whenever they look back on them. Embarrassing incidents happen to us all, and are probably best either kept under wraps or divulged with a healthy sense of humour. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then no one else will. Having a good old giggle at unfortunate incidents which occur on a daily basis is such a tonic if you are feeling frustrated or angry, and you will avoid humiliation if you can just shrug it off light-heartedly. If the object of your affections finds you singing off-key in an elevator then you will want the ground to swallow you up immediately, especially seeing as the tune you were tonelessly murmuring was something along the lines of ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)’ by one hit wonders Eiffel 65.  It would be a bit less disconcerting if you were cool enough to hum the latest hit from Mumford and Sons or Alt-J, but there you have it. It does not help that your hair was completely dishevelled and your make up had run to the point where you resembled Alice Cooper in his 70’s heyday. Oh well; there is nothing you can do to rectify the situation, so you may as well create a good impression next time you bump into the office hunk.

As luck would have it; the elevator seems to be operating smoothly and effortlessly, as opposed to last week when it was obvious that lift repairs needed to be performed urgently, as it kept stopping and starting at inopportune moments. Maybe Sheridan Lifts has been on the case and done a little bit of detective work. It would be highly likely that we were involved in the lift installation process, as our professional, pragmatic demeanour and ‘can-do’ attitude has stood us in good stead over the 33 years that we have been in business. Lift maintenance duties have to be upheld constantly, as you cannot possibly afford to ignore malfunctioning elevators as this could result in potentially disastrous consequences. Lift maintenance does not even require that much time and effort if it is carried out properly, so why would you wish to avoid calling the professionals in to do a quick fix job for next to nothing.

What sets Sheridan Lifts apart from other lift installation companies is that we keep on top of manufacturing and design trends, and use the most up to the minute technology as opposed to old-fashioned methods. Our range of lift services are broad reaching and wide ranging and we constantly strive to ensure that the customer is always the number one priority. If you want to find out more about lift maintenance and repairs then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 0161 203 6299.