How green is your lift?

There was a time when green issues were the sole preserve of a ‘tree hugging’ minority, but not any more. Today, environmental issues are high on the agenda at a huge number of companies, both for shareholders and clients, and form a cornerstone of modern corporate social responsibility plans.

Your building is at the heart of your corporate environment, and your lifts are at the heart of your building. Which means that lift modernisation and lift refurbishment have a key role to play in helping your company to achieve its environmental targets and improve its green image. Old and poorly maintained lifts will be much less energy efficient than modern, well cared for lifts. They will use far more electricity and create far greater carbon emissions than a modern lift with the latest energy saving technology.

As leading lift consultants, Sheridan Lifts can offer you expert advice on how to improve your lifts, with low cost lift modernisation and lift refurbishment packages that could well pay for themselves in reduced running costs, as well as delivering priceless positive publicity for your firm as your environmental credentials improve.

Not only will a more energy efficient lift system give you savings on your energy bills, they will also help to improve the green rating of your building, delivering a range of extra benefits. Studies show that the greener the building, the more attractive it is to corporate tenants and investors. Which means your rental income and future building value will also increase when you increase your green credentials.

Talk to the expert team of lift consultants at Sheridan Lifts today and see how easily we can help you to bring your lifts up to modern, energy efficient standards with simple, cost effective lift modernisation and lift refurbishment.