How To Keep Lift Maintenance Service And Repair Costs to a Minimum

An unwanted addition to any facilities budget is unexpected elevator repair. If a breakdown does occur, then businesses need things to be repaired so they are up and running as quickly as possible. The time lift systems are not operational can end up costing the business a lot of money.

Not only can visitors and important customers not gain access to the appropriate floors of a building, employees can also be slowed down drastically without a functioning lift.

One thing that is certain with a lift breakdown is that repairs are expensive nuisances that in most cases can be avoided.


Frequently assigned elevator inspections are important, not only in ensuring the safety of your employees and visitors, but also to avoid costly breakdowns which can end up costing your business precious time as well as money.

In an attempt to save money by missing out on lift inspections, companies can end up being charged much more in repairs and safety fines. Avoid these surprises by taking a pro-active approach to these inspections by planning a year in advance.

These inspections will cover emergency car lighting and communications, machine room and pit housing, signs, GFCI outlets and Lighting, emergency phones, door restrictions and much more.


If your elevator service company reminds you constantly about expensive modernisations, it may be time to invest in them. Although the initial costs may be quite high, the benefits in the long term will actually help save most companies money by increasing the lifespan of each system and avoiding surprise breakdowns.

Self Diagnoses

You don’t have to be an elevator technician in order to give regular visual checks to your elevator systems. With a little direction your facilities manager can prevent expensive service calls and prevent serious damage by giving your elevator systems regular weekly lift maintenance checks.