How will the Coronavirus affect the lift industry?

Hi there everyone.

Like many businesses, we are keeping a close eye on the news coming out of reputable sources like the BBC, SKY and the World Health Organisation (WHO) regarding the necessary steps that companies need to take in respect of the developing situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


We are remaining cautious but optimistic about the impact of the virus on our UK operations in the lift industry and our staff (including engineers) are following close internal guidelines to ensure we are adhering to the overall advice for the UK in terms of containment.

I’d like to assure all of our clients that we are remaining vigilant, sensibly reactive and measured and we will adapt our approach where necessary should the situation arise.

In terms of the services we provide, its business as usual.

Of course, we are keeping in close contact with our European suppliers to ensure that we can still deliver our projects to agreed timescales and budgets, and this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future. If anything changes, we will of course tell you right here on our blog and via our social media channels including Twitter here.

I think it is probably worth mentioning that there will always be exaggerated and false new stories in the press, as is often the way today – so a degree of scepticism should be exercised with any stories that fall outside of official news accounts.

Stay tuned for further updates and please be rest assured that Sheridan Lifts will remain one step ahead.