Huge new lift maintenance contract for Sheridan Lifts

What a huge win this is for Chris Grailey and the lift maintenance team here at Sheridan Lifts!

Once again we team up with the NHS as we join forces with one of the largest hospitals in the North West as Stepping Hill in Stockport comes on board for lift maintenance.

We are naturally delighted to have won such a significant lift maintenance tender.

Stepping Hill Hospital is part of the Stockport NHS Foundation Trust and treats around 500,000 people per year, employing around 5,700 staff. Currently, there are approximately 780 beds at the hospital.

The urology, maternity, orthopaedic and stroke services at Stepping Hill are highly-rated nationally and the hospital is also known for its busy A&E department. Lifts are therefore business critical to each and every department.

Huge new lift maintenance contract for Sheridan Lifts

This 5-year comprehensive contract for Sheridan’s covers all 23 lifts on this multi building site located just off the A6 and expands our impressive portfolio of work within the healthcare sector. Lifts range from the recently installed to older ones dating back to the 1980’s.

On the subject of the 1980’s, and as a bit of a personal aside, I was also born at Stepping Hill way back in 1979 and my two little girls were born there in 2010 and 2013.

Commenting on the acquisition, our Lift Service Sales Manager Chris Grailey says:

“This is a client I have been looking to bring on board for quite some time, so I’m absolutely delighted to get them over the line. We are extremely happy and proud to have confirmed them and we look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship together”

“I always say to potential clients, give me your worst or most unreliable lift and let Sheridan’s prove our worth with what we can do for you. I have such faith in our engineers that I know we will do an incredible job”