The Importance of Proper Lift Maintenance


Published on: 15-03-2018

Lifts are heralded as one of the safest means of mechanical transports thanks to the famously high health and safety standards lift companies operate by.

One of the main areas that keep lifts so safe and secure is the practice of perfecting lift maintenance through regular servicing. Not only does this keep users safe, it also prolongs the life of the elevators and reduces costly downtime.


Lift regulations are constantly evolving, and lift industries have to work hard to stay ahead of the curve. Strict regulations allow facilities managers to maintain safe lift systems and to make sure they adhere to current protocol as well as developing standards.

Regular Servicing

Being proactive is the most important aspect of facility management. To ensure a lift is in top working order they should be checked regularly. These checks are not mandatory; the only compulsory practice is to have your lift reviewed by an insurance inspector once every six months. This is the bare minimum work required, but it is recommended practice to have a lift system inspected every month. Neglecting this can cause long delays as you wait for costly repairs, whilst becoming a danger to passengers and personnel.

Planning maintenance

Preventative maintenance should always be planned out ahead of schedule. These plans should be in place alongside their chosen lift service provider to take into account important aspects such as peak times, impossible dates for servicing etc.

Mobilisation plans should also be developed to cover any risk assessments, method statements and health and safety procedures in regard to lift maintenance.


Technological advancements can be the ultimate tool in staying ahead of health and safety regulations. A lot of modern safety technology becomes mandatory if it is deemed necessary, which in turn may increase the cost of installation.

Managers should take advantage of the fast-changing trends to feel the benefits. Modernising the lift system will not only result in faster times, a smoother ride and a reduced overall cost of the lift, it will also be much less likely to suffer from breakdowns and costly repairs.

Modern elevators, platform lifts, document lifts and dumbwaiters are all constantly being updated through modern advancements.



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