In Profile: Remi taking steps towards her NVQ

Hello everyone.

In these difficult times I thought it might be nice to bring you a nice little story. Sheridan Lifts as you know is a family run business, and we have a real belief of giving opportunities to those within or close to the family, where possible.

One such employee is Remi Knight.

Having recently left school in September 2019, Remi has embarked on a dual career with Sheridan Lifts whilst focusing on doing her NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration. As part of this qualification, Remi has recently passed an ICT test which was required in support of her NVQ.

Remi passed her Maths and English GCSE at school which is also required for this qualification. She now juggles working here in our accounts department with ongoing course work for her NVQ. Here she is at her desk!

In Profile: Remi taking steps towards her NVQ

These modules include written assignments on key office disciplines like health and safety, telephones, communications and customer service.

“The assignments are generally around 3000 words, and I’d be sent out on a day with a brief – then I would get around one month to complete the assignment” she tells us.

Remi is being shadowed by our HR Manager Julie Crump who has been helping her along the way. Julie tells us:

“Remi is a lovely young lady with an old head on her shoulders and is very quick to learn new tasks and is enjoying being a part of our team. My advice for Remi is to improve her qualifications and when ready to do an AAT course to further her knowledge in the accounts department”

Remi echoes that view saying:

“It’s been great in the accounts department and I’m keen to continue my learning there. I’m hoping to pass my NVQ this Summer and then I’ll follow Julie’s advice”

Good luck to Remi in her future pursuits, and if you’d like to learn more about our staff, come and visit us here.