In Profile: School of Rock & Media, Bradford

Upon a recent visit to the School of Rock & Media just outside of Bradford, two members of the Sheridan Lifts sales team were so struck by what they saw and heard that they came straight to me asking to profile this fantastic facility for disabled young adults.

When Adele Ince and Georgie Vickers arrived on-site they were greeted by business owner John Bolton, who together with business partner Tony Saunders have run the facility since 2012. John and Tony provide a communal sanctuary where these young people feel at home and free to express themselves in comfort and non-judgemental surroundings.

In Profile: School of Rock & Media, BradfordIn Profile: School of Rock & Media, Bradford

And express themselves they can and do. There’s a full-on mixing and recording studio in the basement with array of musical equipment and instruments – and there’s teaching rooms where lessons, mentoring, problem solving and other workshops are held.

Furthermore, three nationally recognised Qualification Suites are included in the prospectus to provide the opportunity for learning and development for all students, overseen by qualified professionals from Youthtrain.

In Profile: School of Rock & Media, BradfordIn Profile: School of Rock & Media, Bradford

This is a space where everyone is accepted. Users are supported, empowered and encouraged to reach their potential rather than be pigeonholed by physical disability. As such, a happy community environment prevails where a unique blend of social enterprise and the power of music proves inspirational to the students.

But crucially, this really is a facility that requires more funding.

Currently the government doesn’t provide funding for them but does pay for the adults to attend. Should they be successful with an application for a 3 stop lift that Sheridan Lifts were invited to tender for, this would be of huge of benefit to them going forwards, as many of the users are disabled and cannot access the upper floors of the facility, being located in a former working mill. Founders John and Tony commented:

“The lift will allow us to offer our services to everybody regardless of ability, its so important for us to be able to open our building to everyone. This lift will bring so much joy to so many people”

We can only wish them every success in the future with a promise that we will provide any lift services at cost price, to the very highest standards that Sheridan Lifts always do.