Why You Should Install A Residential Dumbwaiter


Published on: 21-02-2018

You may think that in 2018 a dumbwaiter is a dated device with no real applications in the modern world. How wrong you are. These age-old systems are still making peoples lives easier in homes across the world today.

Their simplicity simply adds to their usefulness, as there is little that can go wrong with a dumbwaiter. Why are more homeowners having them installed? What are the benefits and what are the potential possibilities a dumbwaiter would afford me and my home? We’re glad you asked:

They fit into your current home construction

You won’t have to remove half of your house or relocate any walls to have one installed. Dumbwaiter construction is a simple process; customised units are made to suit your home’s structure – blending seamlessly with the current façade.

Save Back Strain

Lifting and carrying is the main reason people injure their backs. Having a dumbwaiter installed will help with all that heavy lifting; do the hard work and save you time and energy. Most home use dumbwaiters are capable of hauling capacities up to 200 pounds or more.

Endless Applications

The most common use of a home dumbwaiter is for transporting laundry between floors. Laundry rooms tend to be tucked out of sight, usually in the basements of buildings so that the noise and vibrations don’t disturb anybody. Hauling piles of dirty laundry up and down two, three, four, even five flights of stairs are a necessity in some cases; having a dumbwaiter installed makes it much easier to get the clothes where they need to go.

As well as laundry they can also carry heavy bags of shopping; they can be used to transport heavy boxes of books and other items; as well as moving packages and other items that would be dangerous for a person to carry on the stairs.

Match your home

Dumbwaiters don’t have to be an eye sore. With fully customisable styles, shapes and designs, dumbwaiters can be seamlessly matched to your current décor. They can even add to your homes aesthetic.

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