Is your business about to re-open? We can help

If your business is about to re-open following the easing of UK restrictions in the wake of the pandemic, then Sheridan Lifts might well be able to help with our range of products and services.

Firstly, if you have a lift in your building, it might be time to examine your existing lift maintenance agreement. Are you getting value from it? Are you experiencing too many call outs? Perhaps it could be time to test the market. We pride ourselves on our breadth of experience and quality of customer care supported by the skill of our engineers and technicians.

This also applies if you have a lift that has maybe been out of action or de-commissioned for some time. Our team can provide a full analysis and report of what measures are required to get it up and running again. We always say ‘give us your worst lift and let us prove ourselves’.

Likewise, if you do have passenger lifts on site, you might be wanting to add a layer of protection and security for your staff by utilising our lift de-contamination service which gives 30-day Covid-19 protection on your touch points and surfaces in the lift car. If you wanted to expand on that further, you could consider installing our touchless lift buttons to replace any existing ones. Use our contact form to get in touch.

contactless buttons

Or perhaps you have a bar or restaurant and have re-opened or are eagerly anticipating re-opening. Like us punters!

Here at Sheridan Lifts we are expert installers of platform lifts and dumbwaiters (service lifts) which are popular additions in kitchens for the transportation of food and drinks in multi-level buildings. Many pubs are now adding these along with security additions like roller shutters for outside bars which can be offered via our sister company, Sheridan Doors.


Our experienced team of project managers, surveyors and installers means we have you covered for lift installation jobs that have maybe been on hold for the past year or so, or maybe you have a lift in need of some TLC – we can fully modernise your lift as well as enhance the aesthetic appeal of your lift car.

If we can help with any of the above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.