It Can Happen to Anyone

This poor guy is the unfortunate Nick White, who was trapped in a lift for nearly two whole days. He lost his confidence and self-belief when he was left without food and water for a total of 41 hours and his life ultimately changed from there on in. Once an outgoing, extroverted individual; this gentleman transformed into a shy, retiring man who could not work for years after his traumatic ordeal. All he had done was go for a quick cigarette after work on a Friday evening only to later discover that once he tried to escape the lift it halted unexpectedly; leaving him in a rather tricky predicament.  Pressing the emergency bell did not help matters in any way as no one was present to come to his assistance until 4pm on the Sunday afternoon. Mr White had no concept of what time or day it was; and as he had not made plans for that particular weekend there was no cause for immediate concern. He did not want to cause any fuss, so just waited patiently until someone arrived and let him out of the elevator. There were only a skeleton staff working and the building had 32 lifts installed in total; so even if he was to make his voice heard his pleas would fall on deaf ears.

We can only imagine the frustration and distress that he must have felt when he realised that there was no way out of the situation and he instead had to sit tight and while away the hours until he was eventually freed from his prison. Sheridan Lifts would have been there in an instant had we known of his plight as we are on call 24/7 if something goes wrong at any point. We specialise in all aspects of lift servicing, refurbishment, modernisation and installation and our exceptional standards of customer service mean that we always stay one step ahead of the competition as far as lift servicing is concerned. The other reason why we are so highly regarded by our clientele is because we constantly deliver the goods and remain professional and focused throughout. If you want to find out more about why we are the number one choice when it comes to lift repairs and maintenance then just give Sheridan Lifts a quick call on 0161 203 6299.