It’s all downhill…

We’re constantly preaching the necessity of lift maintenance for every type of lift. Whether you, as a building or a company, have platform lifts, dumbwaiter lifts or even a scissor lift, you need to ensure regular lift maintenance is carried out. This is because, over time, despite the quality of the lift installation and the lift itself, anything can happen to alter the efficacy and safety of the lift.

We read a pretty ironic story recently of a lift maintenance company being heavily fined after a horrific lift accident that was down to poor lift maintenance! Terrified tourists sustained broken legs and ankles when a Tower Bridge lift fell several metres into a service pit. A vital mechanism failed that, if lift maintenance had been carried out, could have potentially been avoided.

Things often go wrong in life, we get that, but often, these incidents could have been avoided or prevented with the proper forethought and care, that’s what lift maintenance is all about. The lift company involved in the above story could have saved themselves such a hefty fine, and the poor people some broken bones, if they’d carried out adequate lift maintenance.

Remember, whatever kind of lift you have, whether it’s a scissor lift, dumbwaiter lift or if you have platform lifts, lift maintenance is essential.