Just Good Friends?

The path of true love very rarely runs smoothly and you have to be a rather assertive and self-assured individual if you are to be successful in the romance stakes as the majority of us fall at the very first hurdle when it comes to wooing your intended object of affection. We all have to get along in the workplace as it is so uncomfortable when there is a tense and negative atmosphere. Even the office pest and smarmy lothario need to be tolerated if you are going to get along nicely and create a happy, pleasant ambiance. There is so much to talk about; such as the weather, the long commute and all of the minor niggles and inconveniences which we experience on a day to day basis. If you have your eye on the new receptionist then it is relatively easy to make conversation as you can converse comfortably about generic subject matters; but asking them out is an entirely different matter altogether. Hearing those dreaded words; “I think we should just be good friends” or; even worse; “It’s not you-it’s me”; really knocks your confidence for six and you feel downtrodden and disheartened for the rest of the day.

It is quite a daunting prospect when you encounter a potential love interest in an elevator, as you are forced to make idle chit-chat and cannot just stare at the floor and say nothing. If it breaks down without warning then this could be incredibly awkward as it means that you are stuck in close proximity with someone that you have strong feelings for. The lift engineers from Sheridan Lifts are on their way; but due to traffic delays and road works on the motorway it seems that there is nothing that you can do for the time being except try to think of something witty and charming to come out with off the cuff. Our qualified, knowledgeable lift engineers will no doubt sort out any problem as soon as humanly possible but it could still take a little while to tackle the issue.

Lift repairs are undertaken with the greatest care and precision by seasoned specialists who have years of experience in the industry; so you will not be left in the lurch for long. If you are looking for top of the range lift repairs and maintenance at an affordable, reasonable price then please do not hesitate to give Sheridan Lifts a call on 0161 826 2151.