Keep Lifts Running Smoothly with Lift Maintenance

Expert Lift Maintenance from Sheridan Lifts

Have you ever seen the old film which starts with a group of people trapped in a lift, who almost meet an untimely end thanks to a snapped lift cable, until they are saved in the nick of time?

Fair enough, that is just a Hollywood film, and the broken cable is nothing to do with bad lift maintenance. However, such a nightmare scenario wants to be avoided at all costs, right?

That’s why you need a reliable, reputable lift company to install or maintain your lifts, so you can have complete peace of mind that your building has the safest and most efficient lifts possible.

Sheridan’s lift services include lift installation, lift maintenance, lift modernisation and more, plus an emergency contact and call-out service should your lift break down.

We are LEIA (Lift and Escalator Industry Association) affiliated and all our lift engineers who carry out lift maintenance and repairs are qualified to the recommended standard. Lifts must comply with a number of laws and regulations, as whoever is responsible for those lifts is responsible for the safety of anyone that uses them. Our lift engineers ensure that all relevant standards and policies are adhered to, as well as producing reports, risk assessments and a time management maintenance scheme which allows you to monitor how often your lifts need servicing.

So maybe you already have the newest, nicest lifts installed in your building. If you want them to remain that way for as long as possible, give Sheridan Lifts a call. With over 30 years of engineering experience, a choice of maintenance packages to choose from as well as a host of qualified lift engineers and mechanics, you can rely on us for any lift issues you may have.

Sheridan Lifts offer all the professional services you need to ensure your lifts run safely, smoothly and efficiently, giving you more time to do the things that matter, so why not call us today on 08000 11 33 77 or 0161 203 6299?