How to Keep Your Platform Lift Looking Great

Lift systems often get overlooked when it comes to cleaning day. They ferry heaps of people between floors every single day, which can end up building up quite a bit of mess.

Whether it’s dirt from heavy foot traffic, combined with inclement weather that leaves your floors looking well-trodden in; or the countless number of grubby fingers that leave the button controls covered in grime. Even a lesser used lift can suffer from a covering of dust that all buildings fall victim to.

With regular maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your lift. With regular cleaning, the look of your lift can also be made to last. Lifts that aren’t cleaned regularly are noticeable; dirt builds up, and it doesn’t look good to anyone visiting your company or your home when they are faced with a filthy lift.

So, it’s time to get on your rubber gloves, equip your cloths and your disinfectants and keep on top of that dirt with our handy guide to cleaning your platform lift:

  1. Turn off the power – whenever you need to do any tinkering inside of a lift, make sure you turn off the power first. This way you can easily clean it without being taken for a ride in the meantime. With the doors left open you’ll have more room to manoeuvre, as well as an air flow to help it dry and prevent you inhaling any chemicals.
  2. Clean from top to bottom – The best cleaning technique for any job is to start at the top and work your way down. This way you prevent yourself contaminating anything you’ve already cleaned, and it just makes life simpler for you – if you clean the floor first you’re only going to have to do it again after you’ve knocked all the rest of the dirt on to it. Also, glass and stainless steel tends to develop streaks if you don’t clean straight down.
  3. Safe Equipment – To reach those high places, make sure you use a stable step ladder and ensure you sweep out any larger pieces of debris before you hoover to prevent any damage to the vacuum cleaner.
  4. Cleaning the lift controls – spray your disinfectant onto your cloth, NOT straight onto the button control system. This prevents any droplets getting into the mechanics and causing any electrical faults.

Keeping your platform lifts clean will ensure they look great and last a long time.