“Keeping it in (and out of) the family………”

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By Tony Sheridan

Published on: 25-03-2012

Managing Director of Sheridan Lifts

Keeping it in (and out of) the family……..

Sheridan Lifts are long established lift specialists, based in the North West, with regional offices in Birmingham and Essex.

For over 30 years Sheridan Lifts have been regarded as market leaders in the field of lift services, maintenance, repair, installation and modernisation, and as the company is set to announce further large-scale expansion plans, Anthony Sheridan took time to reflect:

“The business has grown and expanded by the quality of the personnel we have within the company and the skill set and experience to take on all projects large and small. The challenge as a Director of the business is to expand whilst retaining the traditional values that have made the company what it is today. Our company continues to have a strong family ethos involved with no less than 8 of the Sheridan family still involved in the business, however, it is the new energy, enthusiasm and ideas of our new starters that will enable our company to move to the next level.”

“It is clear that we have found the right mix. The talent, drive and passion of the Sheridan family, integrated with the new ideas and further industry experience that our employees have brought, has really left our company in a position to capitalise.”

Think lifts. Think Sheridan Lifts. Elevating your business for over 30 years.