Kepa’s butterfingers, Jose’s headache & Ritchie’s miss

Welcome to the latest instalment of our weekly blog where we discuss happenings from the weekend and some of the major talking points of the Premier League. We might be experts in lift maintenance but that doesn’t mean we don’t love a bit of football as much as the next person.

Plus, it’s better than talking about Brexit!

I blogged a few weeks ago about how things weren’t going too well over at Old Trafford for Jose Mourinho, and there’s been no improvement since then. Fan cams of irate supporters on Twitter don’t really represent the majority, but it seems a growing number of fans are getting highly impatient with the plight of the club under Jose Mourinho after another underwhelming performance and 0.0 draw at home to Crystal Palace. This is a top job in football and he has spent over 500m, so this is some pretty serious underachievement we are seeing, right?

Kepa’s butterfingers, Jose’s headache & Ritchie’s miss

For me United have invested in their manager and have backed him financially (despite what Jose himself says), but if there comes a point where they feel they aren’t getting enough from the current squad then maybe that trust has eroded and a change needs to happen? It seems Jose still doesn’t know his best eleven either. What’s your take on it?

Meanwhile in the league City and Liverpool marched on with convincing victories, both sides look extremely efficient and machine like which is a worry for the rest of the league. Having said that, Arsenal continued their great form with a win at Bournemouth and Spurs put on a real show to dispose of Sarri’s beleaguered looking Chelsea in what was their first defeat. Did anyone see Chelsea’s keeper for Alli and Kane’s goals? Me neither! The first one went through his hands and the second one he sort of admired without moving as it hit the net. That’s what 70m gets you!

There were some other surprises too with Huddersfield giving their fans real cheer with a stirring 2.0 win at Wolves (who didn’t bother to turn up) whilst Newcastle overcame Burnley away last night to continue their recent revival. Did anyone see Matt Ritchie’s miss? It was quite incredible! Speaking of missing, Burnley have been dreadful this season and urgently need to start collecting points.

Kepa’s butterfingers, Jose’s headache & Ritchie’s miss

What else? So, the pressure is mounting on Mark Hughes (again, don’t we say this every season?) after another Southampton defeat to rivals Fulham under their new chief Claudio Ranieri, who sprinkled some magic dust before the game. I think the club should just bring Ronald Koeman back, as let’s be honest, everyone since him has been a disaster! Hughes will probably end up with another premier league job, although I’m not sure how he keeps getting them.

Thanks for tuning in this week, let us know any of your thoughts or comments below!