The Key Signs Of A Faulty Lift

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a broken lift. Picture yourself in a massive rush to get up to the office in time, only to end up waiting ages for the lift to arrive. You hurry inside, cramped in with everyone else, and let out an audible groan as the lift decides to break down half way through its journey. Not exactly an ideal situation, right?

This means it’s absolutely imperative for property owners to carry out regular maintenance checks on their elevators, to make absolutely sure that they aren’t at risk of an inconvenient break down. Sheridan Lifts offer all kinds of lift maintenance services, which are all designed to make sure that your elevator keeps running smoothly.

But what are the tell-tale signs of a faulty elevator? We’re here to run you through how to spot a lift that’s in need of a little TLC…

  1. Slow Mechanisms

The first sign you’ll probably notice is if the lift is running much slower than usual. You might have recently gotten into your lift and found that it’s taken an eternity to reach your destination. Slow mechanisms are a clear indication that there could be something wrong with the elevator, and so you need to pick up the phone straight away and contact Sheridan Lifts to sort the issue for you!

  1. Struggling Doors

Another big sign of a faulty lift is when the doors are struggling to open and close. If they’ve started displaying a stuttering, struggling motion, then you’re obviously going to need to have this looked at. Your doors should be opening and closing smoothly at all times, and people will actually be put off getting into the lift if the doors seem a little suspect. If the doors don’t work, then there’s a good chance there’s a more serious underlying problem that needs to be taken care of.

  1. Loud Noise

Last, but certainly not least, is the sheer noise that a faulty elevator can create. Jarring mechanisms and jolting doors are always bound to make a bit of a racket, so you need to keep your ears out for any discernible screeching sounds. This is one of the clearest indications that you could benefit from some lift maintenance, and you should certainly get this looked at before any more serious problems arise.

So there you have it- our top 3 signs for spotting a faulty elevator! If you wish to learn more about the most common lift problems and how to solve them, read our other article here. But don’t wait for the problems to arise, and contact us today for the best lift maintenance services in the UK!