Knitted hearts donation to Leighton Retirement Home in Rochdale

Following a call from Manchester City Council, Sheridan Lifts have responded in kind.

In difficult times and in awkward, testing circumstances, we think it is important to remember those less fortunate than ourselves. If we are finding things difficult to cope with (and lets face it, we all have our moments) then its highly likely that many others are too.

knitted hearts 1

Often our thoughts pass to those in care homes or those living alone or living with health conditions. Our team here at Sheridan’s are helping where they can, we consider it to be part of our moral responsibility as a reliable, family run and managed lift company.

After all, sometimes, it’s the small things that can really make a difference, even if its just to put a smile on someone’s face for a short time.

Sheridan Lifts got involved with the knitting of some headbands and knitted hearts for the NHS, to be distributed accordingly. We set Lewis’ mum (pictured above) and the lovely Amanda Woodruff (our receptionist extraordinaire, pictured below) to the challenge.

Thanks to both ladies for their time and efforts. And here are the finished articles.

knitted hearts 2

The hearts were dropped off at the care home (Leighton Retirement Home in Rochdale) for distribution to the residents there, in the hope that they will offer a glimmer of comfort during these dark times. Understandably there are no images of the residents receiving them but we hope that they were well received. We’ll continue to keep them in our thoughts and help wherever we can.

Here’s to better times being just around the corner.