Sheridan Lifts recognise that sometimes in our lives, we have to accept that lifts are not the most important thing…….

Key 103, the local radio station inManchester, recently ran a campaign to raise awareness of Childrens Cancer, a subject of which Sheridan Lifts were only too happy to support.

It was whilst seeing the side of Sheridan Lifts that our customer base is not privy to, Anthony Sheridan taking his son to school, where Anthony’s son (also called Anthony, aged 5) heard details of Key 103’s campaign on his father’s stereo.

Anthony Junior was so moved by the story that he asked if there was anything he could do to help.

His father explained the reason behind the campaign, and Anthony Junior suggested that two items of signed football memorabilia, given as a gift at Christmas by Santa Claus (in case there are any children reading!), should be given to the little boy in question, Ted.

Anthony Sheridan Senior, took the suggestion one step further, and not only offered to provide the shirts to be auctioned off for charity, but also donated £500.00 towards the cause.

Anthony Senior, speaking live on Key 103, was only too happy to assist:

“Anybody listening to the campaign cannot fail to be moved by the terribly upsetting tale of this brave, inspirational little boy. Everybody can learn something from Ted, who despite the adversity he has suffered so far, has maintained a positive outlook on life. We hope that the gifts we have donated can raise lots of money in the auction, and help to either prevent another “Ted”, or assist the families of those that suffer”

To read more about the campaign, or to leave a donation, please visit