Lift Engineering Company

When times are hard, every company is looking for ways to cut costs and make extra savings. Trimming the stationery bill here, cutting the printer use there. Every penny counts right now, especially with the government recently announcing that the UK economy has dropped back into a double dip recession. But one thing you should never cut back on is safety.

If you operate a large building with lifts, it is easy to think that you can cut costs by cutting back on regular maintenance and inspections, but this is false economy. Not only will you be breaking the laws that require you to have your lifts professionally inspected at regular intervals, you will also be risking far more expensive failures.

Not having your lifts serviced by qualified lift engineers is like not replacing a worn tyre on your car. You may save the price of a new tyre, but you run the risk of skidding and crashing, leading to much more expensive damage and repairs. Even without a crash, worn lift parts, just like worn tyres, put the whole of your system under strain and increase the wear and tear on all the other components.

Sheridan Lifts are a leading lift installation company and offer a wide range of lift services, from fully qualified and experienced lift engineers. We’ll make sure that your lift servicing delivers real value for money, saving you both in the short term, by offering a range of competitive lift maintenance packages, and in the long term too, by keeping your lifts in the best possible shape.

Every company needs a lift in the recession, and at Sheridan Lifts we make sure our customers get one, with great lift services at a great price. Talk to our team today to see how we can help you.