Lift Engineers – For That Happily Ever After

We’ve all seen the scenes from the movies… two unsuspecting, good looking singletons unknowingly step into a lift together, nervously twiddling their thumbs on the journey up to the 100th floor. Glancing awkwardly around them, looking at anything but each other, their faces drop as the lift grinds to a jolty stand-still. Trapped! Naturally, they begin talking to each other and low and behold find that they have everything in common apart from their favourite colour.

While it may sound like a romantic notion, getting stuck in a lift rarely lives up to the on screen glamour, especially when it stops your tenants, employees or customers from getting on with their busy schedules! Many of us can think of nothing worse than being stuck in a confined space, so why run the risk or trapping others when a simple lift service can often highlight any underlying problems your lift may have?

The Lift Engineers at Sheridan Lifts

Our team of fully qualified lift engineers can spot issues with your lift installation before they cause a problem, saving you time and quite often, money. While we’re always on hand to deal with any problems that may occur, our services and inspections are designed to highlight any issues before they escalate, giving you total peace of mind in the lift services we provide.

Imagine that important client on his way up to your office for a crucial sales meeting. He’s rushing to make his busy day of scheduled appointments and on reaching your floor finds himself trapped in your lift for the best part of an hour! He emerges with a face like thunder and immediately turns on his heel to leave (via the stairs). Don’t run the risk of a horror film scenario! Create your happily ever after with a proper lift service from Sheridan Lifts.