Lift induction and a factory walk around

I enjoyed a real treat today as I attended a client site visit with father and son lift maintenance team Randall and Ryan Sheridan.

Setting off from a very soggy Cheadle Hulme this morning I was told to bring all of my safety equipment with me, hard hat, noise cancelling earphones, goggles, gloves and high visibility vest. This is a client who demand the highest of standards from its staff, sub-contractors and visitors.

Upon arrival at the site we encountered not only a huge tiger but also some additional enhanced security at the gates, which was to be expected in the current climate – with heightened focus on cleanliness in the wake of Coronavirus. After some forms had been filled out and hands sanitised, we were ready to go. Good job I’d had my breakfast as there was a fair bit of walking to do.

Added to my ever-growing attire of equipment I was asked to wear a snood to cover my beard. Not sure I really looked the part ( I did not intend to look like a serial killer) but at least I conformed to the protocol!

Lift induction and a factory walk around

After a short while we were granted admittance to the site from the security gatehouse and asked to watch a health and safety video. Randall lead our walk around and we began by visiting some of the huge goods lifts on site. There seemed to be a cockerel following me around at one point, but I might have been seeing things.

The three of us then ascended the stairs to the roof (where a pleasant aroma filled the air, emitting from the giant ovens and vents) – the roof would provide access points for all of the lift motor rooms, where close inspection and more training took place. Good views over Manchester from here, too – you can just make out the Trafford Centre.

Lift induction and a factory walk around

Throughout my tour, Randall was extremely informative and knowledgeable, talking me through each lift, some of which dated back to the 1960’s and some even earlier than that. These lifts were engineered to such a high standard over this period of time.

I think I have established a lot of respect for the job that our engineers do, sometimes under considerable pressure. Here’s him and Ryan posing for your pleasure.

Lift induction and a factory walk around

You may have noticed that for the purposes of this article I have respectfully refrained from naming our client directly.

There might be some clues in the text though, for the eagle eyed amongst our readers. This is a longstanding client of ours and you may find them mentioned in our case studies section.

This particular client have very strict rules in place over no photography within the food production areas which is totally understandable, we were more than happy to oblige. I was however permitted to take some photos of the lift areas which I’ve shared with you here below.

Lift induction and a factory walk around

Once we’d finished with the lifts it was time to visit the factory floor, so I’m sorry to not be able to post any images of them. I thoroughly enjoyed looking round and seeing all the conveyor belts and packing machines in action. The original and best, some may say.

Now, I am not just saying this but what struck me about the place was how immaculately clean the factory was, and as I have several boxes of this particular brand of product in my cupboards at home, they will now taste all the better, safe in that knowledge.

Thank you to our client for allowing me admittance today and to Randall and Ryan for their time showing me the ropes, it was grrrreat!