Lift Maintenance – Maintaining your everyday use.

Maintaining your everyday use

Keeping a lift maintained is essential to ensure that is kept in good working order. Lifts are part of our everyday use, whether it’s to travel form the bottom floor to the top floor of a high multi-storey building, to carry heavy goods (including numerous shopping bags), for the elderly, disabled, parents with pushchairs, or for those who are feeling lazy…something that we are all guilty of! We’ve all done it and travelled from one floor to the next because, we simply cannot be bothered to take the stairs!

We all know the importance of keeping valuable items in good condition, such as cars or even maintaining your personal appearance. The same works for lifts. There would be nothing worse than stepping into a lift that looks as if it were to break down as you soon you took a step inside. This is where lift modernisation plays its part. Stepping into an old lift shaft that looks nothing more than a rust bucket whilst it squeaks its way through each floor, will make you feel slightly nervous.

Lift maintenance involves various types of lift servicing such as, lift engineering, modernisation and lift repairs. Therefore, this is why Sheridan Lifts fully understand the important requirements that lift maintenance requires and of course, the safety for the lift passengers is 100% our priority. Each of our lifts receives a full maintenance…or MOT every six months by one of our highly, experienced and professional lift engineers.

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we can arrange specified safety checks on the lift and arrange a suitable time for our lift engineers to complete their checks, until they are perfect in every way. The lift maintenance process also involves thorough examinations and supplementary testing, which is UKAS ISO accredited. This means that Sheridan Lifts are a recognised company by the government to assess against traditionally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing and inspection. We can’t forget to mention our emergency contact and 24 hour call-out service, if the worst case scenario happened and the lift broke down! But fear not, if this was to happen, it certainly won’t be like anything out of a horror movie! You’ll just press the “call button” in the lift and it will go straight through to our friendly team.

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