Lift Modernisation at The Square

Project: Lift Modernisation in Prestwich

Following a recent property purchase from one of our clients they have invited us to tender for a full lift modernisation package on their 4 person 320kg hydraulic passenger lift.

The lift modernisation package entailed a new controller with new shaft positioning system, full shaft rewire, full length safe edge, new landing and car operating panels, full motor room rewire including new motor room lighting and valve block overhaul to the hydraulics, we have included in this package a full interior replacement within the lift car, new walls, new hand rails, a complete new slam post with new ceiling boasting LED lighting.

We were delighted when our client came back to us once going out to tender showing our competitive price and value for money with regards to the lift modernisation package supplied.

Sheridan Lifts have installed a new autodialer system using an analogue phone line to ensure if the event of a trapped passenger that our 24/7 emergency response team can assist and dispatch our engineers efficiently, we have also installed a high end door protection kit, the door protection kit prevents the doors colliding with passengers during the open and closure of the car doors also flashing green upon opening and flashing red upon closure.

With the lift landing at Basement, Ground and Penthouse we have installed a car preference key switch which enables our client to hold the lift with the door open on any of the floors, this is a very helpful feature for loading and unloading the lift car where our client requires.

Sheridan Lifts have been more than grateful to carry out this refurbishment for our client providing them with a state of the art lift modernisation including several new features the lift upgrades that the existing controller and equipment fitted was not capable of at a extremely competitive price.

If a lift upgrade or lift modernisation is of interest to you please contact us using the form on our website or call our knowledgeable team today on 0161 203 6299 for a quote completely free of charge!