Lift Modernisation: Intercom and CCTV System

Of all the faults that can happen to a lift system, getting stuck in a lift is one of the most common panic inducing experiences for riders. If a lift breaks down with riders inside, the most common system in place is an alarm bell that riders press to inform the building managers, and engineers, that the lift has broken down with people inside.

Experience has shown that this alone isn’t the best option, especially in reassuring people within the lift – that might be suffering from anxiety or panic attacks due to being stuck in a confined space – that help is on the way.

Lift companies have been working with designers and engineers in order to find solutions to problems that existing lifts have. Modernisations are being developed all the time, and an important system for modern lift installations, that can also be installed in existing systems, are intercoms and CCTV systems.


Intercom systems are important for putting passengers at ease in these situations; enabling passengers to communicate directly with management staff, as well as emergency service departments. With a direct link to building staff, passengers are clearly informed that something is being done to rectify the situation they find themselves in. Advanced systems exist that allow passengers to directly contact 24-hour call centres of the registered lift contractor for immediate assistance.


Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are made up of a camera in the lift car alongside an emergency alarm push button with buzzer. These systems are connected to the buildings management office, providing quick contact in the event of breakdown as well as heightened security during operating hours; staff can monitor the CCTV video captured round the clock as well as referring back to recorded footage in the event that an incident needs to be reviewed.

Modernisations are an important part of lift maintenance company’s obligation to providing the best possible systems to it’s clients. If you think your system could be due an upgrade, contact Sheridan Lifts for a quote today.