Lift Modernisation Or Lift Replacement?

When it comes to the question of lift modernisation or lift replacement, at Sheridan Lifts we know that even with the most comprehensive and regular maintenance programs, all lifts will eventually require lift modernisation or replacement. It is a tricky dilemma not to delay upgrading for too long as delaying modernisation could result in the same detrimental effects that would result from not maintaining or servicing your lifts on a regular basis.

Many of our customers may not recognise the symptoms of a declining lift early enough to avoid a crisis. Common lift problems such as slow operation are pretty obvious whilst others such as high energy usage are less noticeable and may not even be attributed to being caused by a lift in need of a lift modernisation solution.

How to spot a lift requiring lift modernisation

If you are experiencing symptoms such as long wait times or even frequent breakdowns these may be caused by a defective part or by the general age and overall condition of the lift, more commonly these are the early warning signs of a lift in need of a major overhaul. As with all electrical and mechanical equipment as components wear with age they require adjustments before they interfere with the operation of the lift which in some instances render the lift unusable until getting the expertise of a qualified lift engineer to resolve the issue.

This is where Sheridan Lifts are here to help as we offer a fully comprehensive range of lift modernisation and lift refurbishment packages for all makes and types of lifts. Our qualified and experienced lift engineers can perform a full site survey of your buildings lifts as often older lifts do not require replacing instead all they need is a modernisation package whereby obsolete components are replaced with modern equivalents. To arrange your site survey today call our team who will be more than happy to help you in arranging a convenient date for your diary.