Lifting the Nation’s Spirits

A 2-0 result against Poland (who incidentally had already been knocked out of the competition) may not seem all that exciting but it meant that the country has now started to feel more confident about next year’s World Cup tournament. We are all aware that Joe Hart has floundered of late and that Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard are getting on a bit but still we remain stoic and focused. Young talent has risen up the ranks and revelations like Ross Barkley have added a refreshing twist to the old squad. Old pros such as Ricky Lambert have really come into their own as they have shown spirit and tenacity when playing for their respective Premier League teams (struggling Southampton in Lambert’s case). It is also fortunate that Leighton Baines is the ideal replacement for serial womaniser Cole as he is speedy and skilful and always puts 100% into every performance. The diminutive Liverpudlian pocket rocket has proved himself to be a worthy asset as he constantly impresses with his professionalism and excellent conduct on and off the pitch. England; we salute you!

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