Mad lifts

In our day-to-day lives we may not pay much attention to lifts, I mean, being a lift company, we do but we don’t expect you to, just knowing if a lift is working or not is all you need to know really. However, if you’re a fan of 60’s set TV show Mad Men, you may be more inclined to savour elevator rides. In Mad Men, dozens of key scenes on the ad-agency series have played out on elevators. In the 85 episodes of the series, there have been 59 scenes in lifts with more on the way!

The scenes in lifts are filled with symbolism and are meticulously staged to show the rises and falls, both professional and existential, of the characters in Mad Men. Lifts also serve as a neutral place in the show where a range of characters can cross paths. Who knew lifts could be so significant? I mean, as a lift company, we know the importance of lifts, but it’s great to see them have such relevance in a show like Mad Men!

From experience in real life, we know how much social discomfort can be found in a lift; not knowing where to look, whether you should make idle chit chat and feeling like you can cut the tension with a knife and the creators of the show use this to create dramatic scenes between characters – sometimes without even dialogue. Because the show is set in the 60’s, the characters can’t even distract themselves with their phones! We hope you’ll be looking out for more upcoming lift scenes in the episodes to come, as a lift company, we certainly will.