Maintaining High Standards of Service

Your boss has made the dubious decision to send you to unfamiliar territory as you have been selected as an ambassador for the company. Hooray. Yes, this may seem like such an honour initially, but secretly you wish that they chose someone les; well, honest. You cannot keep your opinions to yourself and there has been many a time when you have spoken out of turn in the boardroom and made some caustic comments when someone else is on a roll. Business jargon can get rather tedious if you have to listen to it on a daily basis, and it is so refreshing to relax and unwind at home without having to play the game and engaging in some ‘witty banter’. You cannot for the life of you work out why anyone would want to socialise outside of work hours, as all of that back-slapping wears thin after a couple of hours. You have to attend work do’s of course, but apart from that you stay away from the four walls of your office and do not associate with your overbearing colleagues any more than you have to.

The topic of discussion in the workplace at the moment seems to revolve around the malfunctioning elevator and complaints from disgruntled employees have reached an all-time high. It is particularly grating, especially since you are based on the second floor, so it is not like you have to travel far unlike the poor souls who have to go all the way up to fifth. You have already contacted your local lift maintenance organisation, but they have too many jobs on at the moment so cannot commence any lift repairs immediately. In fact, there is a two week wait until they are available to carry out even the most minor lift repairs, so you are stuck with the stairs for the time being. Well why not take a chance and hire Sheridan Lifts to help you fix the elevator, and get it up and running before there is full-scale riot? We are professional and practical as well as friendly and approachable, and develop new and innovative concepts as far as lift planning is concerned. Before we devise a concrete strategy our lift engineers always survey an area meticulously in order to come up with the most suitable solution to a problem. All of our lift engineers are fully qualified and consistently deliver the goods as we ensure that all angles are covered and no stone is left unturned.

Our customer testimonials are a reflection of our exceptional services as we make sure that your elevator is restored back to its original condition as quickly as possible. It is our aim to provide top of the range lift maintenance solutions at affordable prices, so you really cannot put a foot wrong if you place your trust in Sheridan Lifts. For any other enquiries just give us a call on 0161 203 6299 and we will be happy to discuss things in further detail.