MEET THE TEAM……. Daniel Sheridan, Customer Service Director

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By Tony Sheridan

Published on: 25-03-2013

Managing Director of Sheridan Lifts

Continuing our meet the team series, we were today talking with a member of the Sheridan family – Daniel Sheridan, who is employed as Customer Services Director at Sheridan Lifts.

Daniel is no stranger to the company, having worked within Sheridan Lifts, the company that his grandfather formed from the age of 16. During this time, he has held various positions within the business, ranging from being an onsite apprentice, to being a service engineer, minor modernisations, repairs, before moving into the office as a Key Accounts Manager and now his current position as Customer Service Director.

In his current role, Daniel is employed to help ensure that each and every client that works with Sheridan Lifts, receives the service that they have come to expect from a fast-moving, forward thinking, independent lift company.

He has seen the company grow from being a very small business, into making the steps to becoming one of the largest independent lift companies in the UK – and with turnover rocketing in 2012 and an exciting year ahead, Daniel has many reasons to be enthusiastic about the future.

Sheridan Lifts are now amongst the key names for lift maintenance, lift modernisation and lift installation with a network of regional offices, supported by the ever growing Manchester based head offices.

Away from work, Daniel can often be found following his two passions – boxing and football, and is the proud father of one.

One response to “MEET THE TEAM……. Daniel Sheridan, Customer Service Director

  1. Hi Tony and the team.

    I really can’t thank you enough for your help on Saturday my dads care home for 2 years. He loved the fact that he was able to get to the match (though I suspect he wasn’t fully aware of what was going on. Another positive feature of an ageing mind is that, by now, he will have forgotten the match result!)

    I’ve written a card for the engineer who called out and will drop this into your offices tomorrow morning. I’ve also written this short letter which I have emailed to Manchester Evening News. I hope it gets printed.

    Thanks again and if I’m ever stuck in a lift I know who to call.


    Could I please use your page to send a special note of thanks to local company Sheridan Lifts based in Monsall, north Manchester.

    I received a telephone call from my fathers Care Home on Saturday at 3.00pm to say that unfortunately the lift in the home had broken and their engineer would not be able to get out in time to ensure dad could leave his second floor room in order for him to get to the Manchester football derby.

    Dad is 87 and has held a Manchester City Season Ticket for years. Since suffering a massive stroke at 62, he’s become more and more reliant on his wheel chair and can’t take even a couple of steps without assistance. He moved into a Care Home when mum could no longer safely care for him at home. Dad see’s his family regularly but really enjoys a day out and he loves attending the home matches at the Etihad Stadium.

    When it looked like he was going to miss the much anticipated derby match and after convincing myself it wouldn’t be appropriate to call the Fire Brigade for assistance, I called Sheridan Lifts on the off chance that they had engineer who could help at very short notice. It was a big ask, but not for them. They dispatched an engineer within a matter of moments and dad managed to make the match in the nick of time.

    The owner of the company, Tony Sheridan, initially joked on the telephone asking “What team does your dad support? United I hope!” I had to confess that we supported the noisy neighbours but despite this he still offered the company services free of charge. What a great local company!
    Shame about the match day result.

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