Meet The Team…Chris Chadwick, New Lift Sales Manager

Meet the team…Chris Chadwick.

As part of our meet the team series, Chris Chadwick, New Lift Sales Manager at Sheridan Lifts joined us to discuss his role at Sheridan Lifts and the reasons behind the company’s recent success.

Chris joined the business in October 2011 having worked in the industry for around 5 years. His background prior to lifts was that of selling automated CNC machinery to the woodworking industry, and he took some time reminisce firstly about his reasons for joining the industry. “The lift industry is a sector that will continue to grow, due in the main to a lack of land within the UK for development; meaning people are keen to build upwards and for many people, having a lift in the property they live in is a must”.

When asked about what he enjoys most about his role at Sheridan Lifts, Chris, a keen Leeds United fan, highlighted that the best days were coming into the office on a Monday when Manchester United have lost! Other than that, which of course he takes natural delight in, he has said that he has really enjoyed the challenge of establishing Sheridan Lifts at the fore-front of the lift installation business and seeing the company develop into a true national business. Chris commented as follows, “Sheridan Lifts have traditionally being a local lift servicing and modernisation company, who offered new installations to its existing client base. The last two years has seen a huge sea change, with new installations now accounting for around half of the companies turnover”.

Chris’ role is primarily based around offering new lift installation products, such as passenger lifts, platform lifts, goods lifts and service lifts to major construction companies, lift consultants, architects and increasingly so, private individuals.

His biggest achievement has been to establish a foot-hold in the new lift installation market, whilst retaining the quality and customer focused ethos of the Sheridan family.