How Much Will A Platform Lift Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no flat rate for having a platform lift installed, as each system must be designed specifically to fit each building. Buying a lift is a process of identifying the model, then adding options, before finally looking at the ongoing cost of ownership.

To assess how much a platform lift will realistically cost your business, we can split the costs in to two main categories; the cost of the lift itself, plus the cost of the building works required to install the lift.

There are many factors which affect the ultimate cost of the lift:

  1. Travel Height – The most obvious cost difference between lifts is how far the lift will have to travel. A lift that travels 2 floors will cost much les than one that has to travel from the bottom floor to the top floor of a 50-storey building. As the height of the lift shaft grows, so too does the price.
  2. Entrances – The price of additional doors and door frames cost more than plain solid panels, ultimately increasing the overall price for every extra entrance your lift has.
  3. Glazing – Some businesses require glazing instead of plain panelling so that the lift blends with the aesthetic of the building. Glazing is a much more expensive material than the panels.
  4. Automatic Doors – Automatic doors have a higher material cost and more expensive installation costs.
  5. Fire Rated Doors – The manufacturing costs of fire rated doors are more complex and will imbue a higher cost to have installed.

You must also consider the building requirements before installing a lift:

  • The size of the pit that needs to be dug,
  • Size of the hole that needs to be cut in the building,
  • Requirement of a structural wall,
  • Electrical requirements,
  • Lifting beam or scaffolding requirements,

With a lift installed the cost of ownership needs to be taken into consideration. This includes running costs, as well as maintenance and repairs. Elevators, dumbwaiters and platform lifts all have separate costs depending on your building requirements, so be sure to shop around for the best quote.