Neri-Go Life Saving Lift

Take a look at the ingenious Neri-Go evacuation lift

This emergency evacuation lift provides a direct, through-floor escape route in case of catastrophe in a high rise buildings. Popular in Japan, the lift is not currently in active service within the UK.

neri go lift

The lift – relying solely on physics – can be used in times of power out-age. It steadily and competently provides an escape for inhabitants of the building, servicing one adult with one child at a time.

Casting our minds back to June 2019 when the Grenfell Tower in London suffered a devastating inferno, strikes three resounding points:

  1. The critical importance of lifts and lift shafts in all buildings and their compliance with building regulations and are commissioned for fire safety.
  1. The imperative need of an emergency evacuation procedure.
  1. Regular lift maintenance of lifts and other evacuation equipment, mechanisms, and protocol.

The Grenfell trauma was one of the devastating incidents relating to high-rise buildings that happen much too often all around the globe.

Neri-go’s emergency evacuation lift is a simple but absolutely vital invention that can save innumerable lives.

It comes as no surprise that this video has gone viral online. People are firmly backing the invention and its incredible potential to save lives.

It is unclear for the moment whether the lift is a prototype or if it is yet available on the market. Sheridan Lifts are always keeping vigilant for the smartest technology and new developments in the vertical transportation world and the Neri-Go is definitely something we are looking into.

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