New High Speed Lifts installed in Fountain Street Manchester

Superb quality new high speed lifts for our client in Fountain St central Manchester.

Sheridan’s was asked to provide costs to modernise two duplex lift installations in a prestigious building in Manchester City Centre.

As part of our service when discussing a modernisation, we always provide our clients the option of a complete new lift installation set against a modernisation, when we and our client analysed the cost of both options, it was clear that a complete new set of lifts was the most cost effective solution.

The clients have two new state of the art lifts both running 30% faster with 25% more efficiency. With modernisations, you can still retain as much as 70% of the old equipment. We would always advise our clients to look at both options before making a decision. Lift refurbishment does have a part to play in the modernisation of buildings. But with increasingly technology in the lift industry, new lifts are becoming more competitive and easy to install in existing buildings.

Please contact our new lift sales team for further information on this project or any other services you may be considering.