New lift installations across the UK

Sheridan Lifts are delighted to announce the new range of lifts for 2014. The new lift designs have seen a record number of orders being confirmed.

Sales Manager Nick Beetson says, “Most lift interiors have been to a very similar standard over the years, but we believe that the options we can provide give our clients the facility to reflect the correct image for the individual types of building.”

Most lift companies will only provide you with a limited choice and we choose to be different. For example, architects designing lift for hospitals should provide varying options. And when lifts are being fitted in care homes for the elderly rather than a one fits all approach adopted by some lift companies, we provide variety.

Sheridan Lifts have just secured a major agreement to provide the lifts at the NHS Lister Hospital in London.

Our new lift department provided an outstanding bid, and as an independent lift company, we certainly took on the challenge by the Majors. We believe our design flexibility was a deciding factor in our successful bid.

New lift installations were once took for granted by the major lift companies as a foregone conclusion when bidding for new lifts. However, because of Sheridan Lifts’ independent approach; offering good value for money and varying design options, they are thinking again.

Sheridan Lifts HQ is based in Manchester. We are installing lifts through the UK for all the major construction companies and private Investment establishments.

If you are considering renewing your lift or at tender stage in procuring your lift, Sheridan Lifts new lift department are on hand to provide you all the advice from a technical point and design completely.

So if you want a lift that reflects your company and its environment, call us or visit our website for more information on our products.