New York, New York

Lift rides can be at best boring, and at worst awkward. But is there anything that could make lift rides more enjoyable? Well as a lift company we thought we’d have a browse on the web and we found a pretty cool idea that is being put into action at the One World Trade Center in New York.

The new observatory is set to open atop the One World Trade Center on May 29, but the lift ride up will offer a view that is just as breath taking as the view from the top. Inside each lift will be nine, 75-inch displays that will show an animated time lapse of New York City’s construction – including the Twin Towers. The effect will be such that visitors will think they are viewing the Manhattan skyline through glass lift windows. Well, that’s one way to make the lift journey more enjoyable!

You can see the time lapse that begins in the 1990s and will feature in the 42-second lift ride here.

As a lift company we’re always intrigued by new, innovative ways to improve upon lift technology and whilst we don’t think all lifts will be quick to use the animation and display screens in offices and apartment blocks, it’s fascinating to see what’s being done out there.