No Laughing Matter

Well, well, well! What have we here? Some cheeky young scamp has moved the entire contents of a co-worker’s office in the night and put them in an unsuspecting elevator. The desk; the drawers; even the printer; the whole kit and caboodle! How funny is that? I’m sure that the intended recipient of the joke found it less humorous when they came into work only to discover that they did not have anywhere to sit. They had already been hassled by the other half before they set off as there was no washing up liquid in the house and the cat needed her flea medicine. Sounds trivial, doesn’t it? Well, after a horrid two hour commute due to there being complete gridlock on the motorway, you cannot blame the guy for being a tad moody and temperamental. It was only harmless hijinks; a foolish prank; some light-hearted fun; but to him it could be construed as insulting and downright annoying. Better get grovelling then!

Life is full of irritations, and you have to just suffer random people sniffling without tissues, coughing on the back of your head and trying to instigate a conversation when all you want to do is use your coat as a makeshift cushion and get twenty minutes extra shut-eye on the bus. It’s not going to happen with all the commotion going on around you. Fortunately for the poor chap who had to transport his furniture back into the workplace, the elevator was actually broken, otherwise it could have been a completely different story altogether. If Sheridan Lifts were called out to undertake essential lift maintenance work then who knows where this equipment would have ended up?

This is because we are the best of the best when it comes to professional, efficient lift repairs, as we are diligent, competent and extremely hard working. Lift repairs have to be as exhaustive and comprehensive as possible, as there are thousands upon thousands of miniscule components that make up an elevator, so lift servicing cannot be restricted in any way, shape or form. You cannot promise that you have the necessary parts if a company as large as the BBC requires urgent lift maintenance and then go back on your word when you discover that you had acted too hastily, and the actual apparatus that you need has not been in stock for weeks.

This would put a spanner in the works, as the head honchos at Britain’s largest media organisation would not look too favourably on this display of inadequacy and amateurism. Lift services from Sheridan Lifts is of the very highest standard, thankfully, and we do not beat around the bush if you require our assistance. As soon as you put a call out to 0161 203 6299 we will stand to attention and be on our way ASAP.