Ode to the lift: The 5 Best Songs about Elevators

Lifts make the world go round, well up and down to be more exact, so it’s not surprising that there are actually quite a few popular songs that centre on lifts. Obviously because these artists are American they use that other term – elevator. However, the sentiment is pretty much the same! As our business is all about lifts, (yes, dumbwaiter lifts, platform lifts, scissor lifts; the works!) we thought we’d share the 5 best songs about lifts.


This song is an absolute classic and is probably our favourite of the five. It’s definitely the most instantly recognisable songs on the list. Do you feel like you’re living it up when you’re going down? Aerosmith certainly do!

  1. ELEVATOR – FLO RIDA – (2008)

Something a little more modern here, it seems no matter what decade we’re in people can’t help but create songs about lifts. We’ve switched genres here too from rock to rap, but I’m sure the sentiment is the same!


No one likes a crowded elevator, it’s awkward, uncomfortable and no one wants to be that close to a stranger – except Incubus! This is definitely the coolest song on the list.


Moving on from moody rock to sexy pop, the Pussycat Dolls have made it on to the list with the simply titled “Elevator.” Not one of their biggest hits granted, but they’re still giving them their dues.

  1. ELEVATOR – EMINEM – (2009)

Another one with a simple but effective title, Eminem brings our list to its end with his 2009 song Elevator.

How about that then? Has that little blog lifted you spirits? We like to have a bit of fun on a Thursday; it gets us into the mood for Friday! Remember if your lift doesn’t have you singing a jaunty tune, you may need our lift maintenance or repair service. We work with all kinds of lifts including dumbwaiter, goods, service and platform lifts.